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Privacy & Policy

1.1 Dealmap Free Zone LLC (the Company), a company incorporated in Dubai with registered office at Office No. 1505, Shatha Tower, Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, owns and operates http://www.dealmap .eg (the “Site”).
1.2 This Privacy Policy (the Policy) forms part of the Terms of Use of the Website, and by using the Website you expressly consent to our right to collect, use and disclose your data in accordance with the terms of this Policy. We may amend this policy at any time without notice to you, provided that such modifications are effective from the date of their publication on the site. If you reject the Policy (including any modifications to it), you must immediately stop using the Site.
1.3 Whenever the terms “we” or “we” or “our” are used in this policy, they mean the Company, its subsidiaries, officers, agents, affiliates or assigns.
1.4 This Privacy Policy was last updated on December 17, 2017, and it is effective between you and us starting from your acceptance of it, and your acceptance is achieved by using the Site.
1.5 When any of its provisions are proven to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of all other provisions shall not be affected.
1.6 Data collector is defined as any person (individually or jointly with others) or legal entity that determines the means or purpose of processing any personal information in accordance with Law No. 13 of 2016 to protect the privacy of personal information (the Data Protection Law).
1.7 The Company is responsible for the collection of personal information processed by the Website. The company is a member of the dealmap group of companies, which includes, in the interest of signaling, Property Finder LLC (Qatar) and BFB Bahrain S.A. with me. C, Informatics Researcher Company (Saudi Arabia, operating under the name “eSimsar”), Dell Map Lebanon LLC, Dell Map Morocco LLC (operating under the name “Sruti”), and Dell Map Egypt LLC and M. IBME Mortgage Broker (LLC), owned by DellMap Arabia Single Company LLC (operating under the name Morgeg Finder). This group of companies is referred to in this Policy as the "dealmap group" and individually as the "dealmap group company".
1.8 “Service” includes, but is not limited to, any of the following services provided to one or more members depending on the membership package selected in the subscription application:
The process of facilitating the uploading and management of your property listings and developments;
Brand support for agents wishing to increase their brand exposure to all buyers and sellers by displaying their logo on their property listings in search results pages and on all property listings sent via emails;
Online advertising headers, tapes and images appearing on our site by method of measuring advertising reach, cost-per-impression, or both.
creative development services for small websites and advertising headers;
Marking your properties as “special or special or both” on our site to enhance its classification in order to increase its visibility;
Promote your properties through the top centers through our "smart ads" product;
Facilitate tracking and recording of potential customers from your phone calls through our Call Tracking product
Show your properties and company profile on print publications such as Prestige Magazine;
Include your real estate ads in email alerts;
Include your company's details and logo in the "Find a Broker" section;
Banner and website design services;
Email marketing campaigns.
“Subscription order” means, as the case may be:

If contracting online, online subscription confirmation and confirmation order; or
The paper copy of the order form received from us to be filled out by you to indicate the service we are required to provide.
2. Your information
2.1 The data we collect about you varies between personal and general information:
Personal information: When you register on the Site as a user or in any other capacity, update your data, purchase any products or services, participate in offers, campaigns or competitions, access our mobile application using personal information or social media account, send emails to us or send Support requests, contact real estate agents via forms or phone numbers available on the Site, provide feedback, or when you report a problem with the Site, we will retain and process the data you provide. This data may include your name, address, telephone number, email address, purchase and transaction history, billing data (including credit card data), interests and other personal information (as defined in the Data Protection Act).
General Information: We also obtain other general data from you when you visit and use the Site. This general information does not personally identify you, and may include information such as your IP address, the date and time you accessed the Site, the length of time you spend on the Site, and your browsing history (recorded by the text and graphics files that make up that page). , the Internet address of the website that you linked directly to our website, and another such as 'General Information'.
Payment Data: Payment data is the information you provide when purchasing online. It may include the payment instrument number (such as a credit card), your name, billing address, and the payment instrument's security code (such as CSV or CVV). You acknowledge and confirm that the Payment Data, in so far as it includes details of the method of payment of fees for use of the Site and related services (Services) (such as details of bank account, credit card, debit card, electronic banking, etc.), that you provided when paying the fee: (a) is sent from during a secure and protected transaction provided by Payment Gateway Partners to the Website or Company, and (b) send through the Visa or MasterCard pages, as applicable